Advanced Photography Class Fundamentals II

Summer 2017 – This class is part of the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Program.

This course offers you the opportunity to further enhance your knowledge and skills in digital photography. You’ll take the information and theories presented in the Fundamentals I course and incorporate them into real world photography applications.

Learn to do more with white balance, photo editing software, on and off camera flash operation, as well as dealing with difficult photo situations. You’ll also work with HDR (High Dynamic Range) stitching panoramic scenes and creative time exposures.

In order to succeed in this course you’ll need to have a good understanding of basic camera controls as presented in the Fundamentals I course. We’ll also take one in-class field trip to enrich your interactive learning experience. Total course hours – 20 hours

Instructor: Tom Geisler, Knoxville based Professional Photographer/Instructor. Please feel free to contact me at or 865-693-5322 if you have any questions about the class.