Basic Photography Class Fundamentals I

Summer 2017 – This class is part of the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Program and will begin on July 7, 2017.  Sign Up Here For The JULY 2017 Class. 

Look forward to moving your camera skills from Auto Exposure Mode into creative control by learning the basics of DSLR (digital) camera operation in this fast-paced, interactive course.

We’ll discuss camera controls, lenses, direct flash and fill along with manual exposure control, monitor and printer calibration, lab and home printing, the fundamentals of digital file management, and basic editing procedures.

Additional sessions will cover composition and the details of lighting and posing techniques for portraits and groups. A popular part of the course includes completing challenges and showing your work in class for image critiquing.

This course is a hands-on, interactive and visual learning experience that includes an internet-based class interaction application used for discussion, image posting and review, homework assignments, and general discussion. Total course hours – 24

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Instructor: Tom Geisler, Knoxville based Professional Photographer/Instructor. Please feel free to contact me at or 865-693-5322 if you have any questions about the class.