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Photography Class Knoxville Registration Open

Looking for Photography Class Knoxville? Well here you go!

Registration is now open for the Sports & Action Photography Class and the Lighting and Posing Class, both of which are starting in June of 2016 and are part of the UT Non Credit photography program. Click here to register!

Lighting & Posing Class Information:

Have you ever been curious as to why you REALLY like a particular image? In this class you will discover how to use creative lighting and posing techniques that make a photograph go from “nice” to “Oh My Gosh!”

In this class you will learn how to create an image versus “taking a picture”. The goal is to allow you to create stunning and dynamic imagery using proper communication, posing, and lighting techniques.

There will be weekly assignments/reviews and for the Summer of 2016 students will have the opportunity to photograph in a working fully equipped studio environment with lighting, props, backgrounds, make up artists, and models.

This course is a hands-on, interactive and visual learning experience that includes an internet-based class interaction application used for discussion, image posting and review, homework assignments, and general discussion. Total course hours – 22.0

photography class knoxville

Sports & Action Photography Class Information:

Whether you simply want to take great photos of your active kids or want to learn how the people you see with the big lenses on the sidelines get it done, this course will teach you how to capture great action images using much of the gear that you already own.

In this class you will learn how to maximize the use of your current gear to create stunning images of kids, athletes, etc. using proper positioning, techniques, processing, and lighting.

There will be weekly assignments and for the Summer of 2016 we are offering a very rare opportunity for students to photograph youth athletes while working with a professional photographer. While at this event there will also be opportunities for students to use some of the latest/greatest camera gear available and work in a “real” sports photography environment.

In addition to the basics, there will be ample information for anyone aspiring to photograph sports and/or action on a higher level.

This course is a hands-on, interactive and visual learning experience that includes an internet-based class interaction application used for discussion, image posting and review, homework assignments, and general discussion. Total course hours – 20.0

photography class knoxville

We would love to have you join us for a Photography Class Knoxville!


Water, Fire, and Softball!

What more can you ask for!? I have been doing quite a bit of work with the University Of The Cumberlands lately, and super student assistant Haley Damron pointed Lacy Wilson and I to an awesome softball shoot that Jaren Wilkey and Mark Philbrek had created over at BYU.

It looked awesome as you know what, but we had to change a few things up due to the gear we had on hand. Luckily, Lacy had played on the softball team (and can perfectly place water balloons on a bat!), so they were naive enough to trust us 🙂 Brandon Hensley was in charge of the video, and he did an amazing job. All in all this was a pretty big production for us, but it was an absolute blast! Also, big thanks to Karen Czartoryski-Wooten (who can keep my iPad close enough for the camera to transmit to it…BIG deal to me….THANKS Karen!) for coming up from Knoxville to assist!

First, let’s start with Brandon’s video, which I think just rocks…

UC Softball from Randy Sartin on Vimeo.

Next, here are Lacy’s and My favorite still images…

20121015_SB Water_0001

20121015_SB Water_0002

20121015_SB Water_0003




And finally, there’s an App for that! Download the images to your iPhone, iPad, etc. It also works on Android based platforms, but you need to be connected to the internet:(  You can also check out our latest sports work from UofC by following UC_Photos on twitter.

I seriously want to thank everyone for all the help, from the concept, to my son Shannon running all over town buying water balloons (and doing the initial “can Randy do this?” shoot), all of the help from everyone at The University Of The Cumberlands, and especially to Lacy Wilson and Head Coach Angie Dean for both the time and the Slide!


UT Football, Scott Kelby, and Remotes

This is an older post from my sports photography page. The day pretty much turned into a remote camera photography class 🙂

Last Saturday Photoshop Guru, Photographer, and All Around Great Guy Scott Kelby came to Knoxville to photograph the South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Tennessee Volunteers football game. I had saw where Scott had posted on his blog about the gear he was bringing and wanting to setup a remote on the goal post…cool stuff!

I’ve spent some time trying to devise a good way to setup a remote on the post and called UT Athletics Photographer Donald Page (he and Scott are friends) to let him know that I thought it was gonna be a pain in the you know what. Sure enough Donald calls me at 10PM the night before the game (noon kickoff the next day) and says, “Yeah, we got some issues here…”. 🙂

So I went to work and came up with this, which, well, looks like you know what. Sad part is I actually own the correct gear to do this with but it was about two hours away. (and as bad as it looks it worked quite well, and we had a gazillion safety cables on it).

The old "cut the superclamp in half and use huge hose clamps" trick.

The old “cut the superclamp in half and use huge hose clamps” trick. Photo Bomb by Buzz Lightyear.

A gazillion dollars worth of photography gear and we’re all taking crappy iPhone pictures, gotta love it….

Brad Moore, Donald Page, & Scott Kelby. EARLY am Neyland Stadium.

Brad Moore, Donald Page, & Scott Kelby. EARLY am Neyland Stadium.


Camera is set way back from the uprights.

Camera is set way back from the uprights.


Scott Kelby admiring our work :)

Scott admiring OUR work 🙂


Scott's 1DX and my GoPro during the game.

Scott’s 1DX and my GoPro during the game.


So here’s my time lapse video…3 hours and 10 minutes real time, 2,274 frames. Runs from 10:30 am to 1:40 pm (end of first half).

South Carolina at Tennessee Time Lapse Video from Randy Sartin on Vimeo.

So as usual I had a blast and learned quite a bit! Scott has a super cool blog post with lot’s more info and all the great images!

Thursday Update: Left out the fact that I actually photographed the game as well 🙂  Images via USA Today Sports Images are located here, thanks!


IS-VR Use With a Monopod

The use of IS / VR on a lens while on a monopod came up recently on a Facebook group I belong to and I thought I would address a few things…

  1. IS (Canon) and VR (Nikon) are amazing things and seem to be getting better and smarter with every new lens release.
  2. As a rule, especially when shooting sports, IS or VR are turned off when using a monopod. You are normally at a fast enough shutter speed where the IS/VR should have no effect at all, so it’s simply something else the camera and lens has to do, all while trying to maintain focus on a moving object. When IS/VR is used on a stable platform, the IS/VR can start picking up it’s own vibrations and start trying to correct for that. And last, IS/VR can use up some serious battery life.

Some newer lenses have different settings for using IS/VR while on a monopod that seem to work quite well for certain situations. There’s one setting that seems very effective when I shoot (on a monopod) panning shots at NASCAR races, and there’s another that seems to be effective while shooting handheld from a helicopter.

But for regular action photography, I almost never use IS/VR. As a matter of fact, I place a bit of tape over the IS/VR switch to make sure I do not accidentally turn it on.

Here’s a link to a pretty good article explaining all of this in some more detail, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

When to use and not use IS/VR


Knoxville Photography Class

Hello All! Thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for a Knoxville photography class (or just a good source for photography information) you are in the right place!

You can find lots of information on current class offerings under the “Photography Classes” link above. Right now we are offering a Beginner Photoshop Class for the spring of 2016, a Lighting & Posing Class for the summer of 2016, and a Sports & Action Photography Class for the summer of 2016.

Here on the blog side we are going to be offering different tips and techniques on a wide variety of topics including lighting, posing, basic and advanced photography, sports photography, image processing, camera gear options, and many more items.

You can sign up here to receive a notification for every new post. Thanks again!