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Knoxville Sports Photography Class


SUMMER 2017 – If you are looking for a sports photography class in Knoxville, TN you have found it! Students will have a very rare opportunity to work alongside professional sports photographers actively shooting athletes at one of the premier youth baseball facilities in the United States. In addition, there will be two instructors, Wade Payne and Randy Sartin. This class is part of the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Program and will begin on June 12, 2017. Sign Up Here For This Class.

Whether you simply want to take great photos of your active kids or want to learn how the people you see with the big lenses on the sidelines get it done, this course will teach you how to capture great action images using much of the gear that you already own.

In this class you will learn how to maximize the use of your current gear to create stunning images of kids, athletes, etc. using proper positioning, techniques, processing, and lighting.


There will be weekly assignments and for the Summer of 2017 we are offering a very rare opportunity for students to photograph youth athletes while working alongside a professional photographer at one of the premier youth baseball facilities in the United States. While at this event there will also be opportunities for students to use some of the latest/greatest camera gear available and work in a real sports photography environment. With two instructors and the opportunity to work alongside them as much (or as little) as you want, this should be one awesome sports photography class!

sports photography class

In addition to the basics, there will be ample information for anyone aspiring to photograph sports and/or action on a higher level.



This course is a hands-on, interactive and visual learning experience that includes an internet-based class interaction application used for discussion, image posting and review, homework assignments, and general discussion. Total course hours – 20.0

sports photography class

Here are some student images from last years class…



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Instructors: Wade Payne and Randy Sartin, Knoxville based Professional Photographers. More information here.

Note: For this course we require a digital SLR-type camera and completion of the Fundamentals 1 and 2 classes (I may be willing to make exceptions to this). There will be 8 classroom sessions at 2 hours each and 4 hours shooting off location (which may be broken down over 2 days of the student’s choosing). Feel free to contact me at or call/text me at 865-696-8099 if you have any questions at all about the class.